Friday, January 29, 2010

My Computer Was Attacked...

Well...I did something rather 'silly'...
I used my computer without adequate virus and spyware protection
in place.

My McAffee had expired and I hadn't downloaded
the Security package from my RR account.

Soooo...this past Monday...
my computer was attacked.

I'd gone to, what I thought was, a safe site.
I wanted to see if they had the
art donations posted for an auction
I had donated a painting to recently.

Suddenly...I got all kinds of messages
that my computer was infected by a virus..
a bogus 'security site'...with icons
that look just like the Microsoft Security badge...started
attempting to do a scan...

After countless shut downs...etc...
I did manage to get the RR package downloaded..
and turned up with 5 incidents on my computer.

It took two days...many scans...
ferreting out the suspect files (and deleting them)
and more security downloads...
it appeared that I  was
virus free..
not so fast...
now my poor computer just
keeps coming up to the black
screen to start safe mode..etc.
I think it is 'finished'.

So..since I am using my trusty OLD desktop..
and it is all the way upstairs...
I am going to be MIA for a few days.

I'll sign in on my faithful backup a couple times a day..
just to see if anything needs my urgent attention..
I'll have to wait until I see if there are any
good sales on laptops this week-end.

Since it is an important
'tool of my trade'
I will have to get another ASAP.


Carol Mae said...

Hi Jaime, I received my giveaway win today. The calendar is beautiful, well worth the wait, I love it. It sits right by my computer screen. Have a great weekend and thank you sooooo much. Many hugs, Carol

國倫老師Teacher said...
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