Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Off to a Good Start

My year is off to a pretty good start.
I've painted a couple of new paintings in the New Year.
Mostly Tree Art paintings and some Blackbirds...
but it's something.

I've also created some new Tree Art Prints and Steampunk
pieces in Photoshop.
I like everything I've done so far.

I also managed to 'cozy' up my house a bit...
I sewed some curtains and a matching cart cover for my
kitchen...it makes ALL the difference in the world...
and makes my house feel a little more like home.

My husband and I moved a lot over the years,
mostly because of his work...
so I'm used to not getting too attached to any one house.
But, as we got older and didn't move as much,
there were a couple of houses
that did feel like 'home'.

I haven't really felt like that since he passed away..
so I'm hoping that...
even though the house is too small to
really meet my needs...
I can 'make it work'...
I'm doing a little bit here and a little bit there,
to personalize the place...
now I just need to find some storage solutions...
so I have someplace safe...and out of the way..
to store my finished paintings.
That's my next 'project'.

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