Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Changing My Mind...again!

At the end of last year...I was seriously contemplating
starting a new blog...
along with some other changes...
well...I've changed my mind...again.

Instead of the new blog...
I've started a monthly newsletter that goes out to
my subscribers. I think that will be easier for me on my
busy schedule.

I'm also rethinking retiring the prints that are a year or more old.
I do have a few prints that continue to sell
very nicely...and so I will have to seriously reconsider
which prints I will retire this year...
but I don't think I'll just sweep everything 'old' out the door...
I wouldn't want anyone to do that to me
just because I'm getting old:)


Lain Elrick said...

si he de ser sincera, no se ingles, pero encontré un vídeo en YouTube con tus imágenes y me parece hermoso.
Tu estilo es genial, como pocos, ya que cualquiera puede dibujar una niña tétrica, pero hacer que se sientan escalofríos con trazos espectaculares y colores brillantes, eso lo he visto poco.
me gustaron

Hasta luego!!!!!

sidra khan said...
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