Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm Not A Morning Person

I am not a morning person...
I wished I were, I'd probably get a lot more done.

I don't like to get up early...never have.

The alarm clock can go off, until it's won't go off anymore,
and I don't hear it.
Even in high school, the only thing that would
wake me up, short of someone physically shaking me, was the
I don't know why I can wake up to the phone
and not an alarm, but that's the way it is, even today.

I do have a different sort of 'alarm clock' now...and it does wake me up...
When she's ready to get up, she will not leave me alone
until I get up too!

Most mornings it is far earlier than I would like to get up...
but once in a while, she actually likes to sleep in too...
so I get a few extra winks on those days.

Maybe I just need to find a way to become a morning person...
though I wonder if I can
after all these years:)


BlacknickSculpture said...

Were exact opposites. I'm up early but can't stay awake past 9 PM :(

Lucky you have your furry friend to get you moving in the morning!

Btw I like your new banner!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Yeah Brian...I'm a 'Night Owl'...have been for as long as I can remember...(except for those couple of jobs I've had, when I had to be up with the chickens).
I just need to 'train' myself to get started a bit earlier in the day...perhaps then I could get to bed a bit earlier and end up with a good night's sleep:)

Thanks for the comment on my banner:)