Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A couple of "LOST" paintings.

"Annalea and the Raven"

I was going through a book today and ran acrossed a couple
"Original Small Works of Art"
paintings that I did a while back.
I did them on art paper...so I'm sure I put them there
to flatten them...and got busy with something else.
Anyway...I went ahead and listed them
so they are in the
Addition====It took me overnight to remember...
I actually did these two pieces
when I decided to get a site on Artfire...
they were intended to be Artfire exclusive...
I'm going to do a couple of digital pieces
and replace them on Etsy...
this is why I've started my 'Making It Work' blog...
I've got so darned much going on
that I'm losing track of what it is I'm actually doing!


myundiary said...

Wow! Very lovely pieces of Art. This is my first time visiting your blog and I am impressed.

Jo said...

These are great!!