Monday, November 9, 2009

Can we have a 'Do Over'.....?

Actually...I'm not sure I would
want to 'do-over' this
past week-end...
for us it wasn't our best show!
Oddly enough...we make our sales when the
crowds aren't as big as we experienced
on this past Saturday.
Even the other 'artisans' seemed to
feel bad that we were mostly just
'twiddling our thumbs'...
oh well...
it happens!
"Back in the 'day' husband and I did very well
with the 'crafting' side of the
Arts and Crafts Shows...
here's one of the egg ornaments we used
to make and sell.

We did very well with our 'eggs'....but, that was

"our" the folks who were hoping I would finally have

new egg ornaments (since it's been 5 years)

are going to be very disappointed:(

In the meantime though....I am going to have

to get my 'thinking cap' on and figure out how to

try to please those show goers looking for a 'bargain'...

and...I have less than two weeks to do it!


Jo said...

Your art was and is a beautiful expression of where you are when you make it.
I know it seems like everyone is looking for a bargain these days, with the economy being what it is. It's sometimes easier said than done, but don't compromise. Your art is amazing!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment!
What we have noticed is that a lot of the folks admire our art...outside of the booth. We assume they think there is nothing inside the booth in their price range.
We need to add more in the lower to medium price range so we can have "something for everyone".

Jo said...

Aaah. I see. That makes sense. I'm sure that will work for you. And thank you for sharing that observation! It's a good lesson for all of us who are trying or will be trying to set up shop outside of Etsy!