Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Special requests and custom orders.

It seems, whenever I go against my 'better judgement'..
I have regrets.
It has been my 'policy'...ever since setting up
my Etsy Shops..
NOT to accept special requests and custom orders.
Jaime does a TON of them and has good luck
and much success with them.
I do them 'on rare occasion' and 99.9% of the time..
something 'falls' through.
Once in a while, I 'give in' and accept one...
I did a 'special request' in June...
and 'Guess What'????
I still have the painting...
I'm still waiting to get paid!
The buyer said they 'loved it'
then, why do I still have it?
I swear..I swear..I swear...
I will NEVER accept another special request for
a custom order!!

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