Saturday, September 27, 2008

Headed for retirement!

These are...very small pictures...of the prints that are
'headed for retirement'!
I will be having a lot more time
to devote on painting, illustration and more...
so I am retiring, (or have retired) more than 25
of my listed prints.
A list of those prints....
1. Three Sisters
2. Give and Take
3. I Will Always Love You
4. A Melancholy Spirit
5. A Kind of Crucible
6. Bella's Bat
7. Another Time...Another Place
8. Enchanted
9. Another Point of View
10. Her and Her Cat
11. Back in Black
12. The Bunny Sitter
13. He Needs A Home
14. Swampland Fairy
15. The Waiting Begins
16. Falling Leaves
17. Follow The Heart
18. No Turning Back
19. In The Fields of Innocents
20. Waiting For The Wolf
21. My Paradise Lost
22. Along Came A Spider
23. Forty Nine Steps to Light
24. Freaky Flowers
25. VooDoo Remedy
26. Way Above The Trees So high
Please note...I am 'retiring' these pieces
as soon as I can, so if you're interested in any of these prints,
you'll have to act quickly.

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