Monday, July 28, 2008

Good day....

Jaime and I went out to purchase some supplies yesterday and we found a couple little gems at JoAnn's that we might be able to do something clever with. We've already got some new 'stuff' in the works...I'm hoping I can start listing some of it...soon!

I did get four new paintings...and one custom painting...done over the week-end for the shop and I plan to start listing those beginning Monday. I haven't uploaded pictures (except for the custom piece) I'll post them tomorrow!

I don't normally do 'custom''s just too much when I've already got so much to do...I took on this one (because the request made me curious to see if I could actually paint something as 'specific' as the request)....I pretty much followed the requests made...right down to the background color...I convoed the pictures and she LOVES it...

THREE Days Left on my 3 -4-2 Christmas in July SALE! I only run one or two sales each year and this will be my only sale for 2008. I'm beginning to get really busy with everything I want to do for fall...and with the local shows and gallery...well, you get the picture.

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