Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day Full of Errands... don't have the grandbabies
and Jaime is staying home...
she LOVES having an extra day to work...
she normally has to do most of her painting when she leaves
my house...usually after 9 pm..every week night.
But, at least, she can do a lot of her jewelry, prints and
part of her packing..while she's that's something.
Anyway...having a 'free' day myself...I've got it
chalk full of ERRANDS...yay...(that's me being..not very enthusiastic.)
I had already planned to do several errands..part of them
I need to have Jaime go with...
so...Thursday will be errand day too!! (yay...yay)--I'm really not very enthusiastic..
But...I've put some of these errands off waaay too I've GOT to do them..
so, I'll just smile...and be happy that they're finally getting done!

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