Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finally....a Direction!

I was on eBay for so long that it has been very
difficult to break that 'mind set'...
it was soooo necessary to paint
almost constantly the whole time
I was there.
For one thing...there were the time
constraints of the listings themselves...
getting buried quickly, due to all of the major sellers
required listing something NEW several
times every day...
I don't know how I kept up...
especially during the time my husband was going through
the cancer treatments, hospitalizations...and everything
else that went along with that.
I did manage though...
Now...I realize I don't really have to do all of that...
the time constraints aren't as bad...because the fees are so reasonable.
I can just renew my pieces throughout the day.
I still want to list new often as possible...but,
I am finding that most of my sales aren't coming from
the new items anyway! And that's a good thing!
So...I took Saturday to reflect and direct...
I've made some plans..
and I like the direction those plans
are leading!
More on this...tomorrow!

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