Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Sites for Group Artists

Most of the X Street Gallery Artists can now be found on new sites.
Several now have shops on Etsy.
Others are listing on Overstock.Com
A few have given up on selling their art online.

A few of the Etsy Shop Links, with current updates, can be found at the bottom of this page.


elphabainwicked said...

How can we find out about artist that have left eBay and will no longer post online? My house is full of abstract from artist on eBay. I believe in buying art from the artist not a middle man or mass production. It means so much more to look at the art I own and know that I personally received it from the artist.

Do they have webpages? Anything to be able to find them. Okay, I sound desperate, but when I believe in something I don't give up.

CMZ Art said...

The artists that are currently listing online all have Etsy Shops and I will be including their mini shops in this blog in the next day or two.
The couple of artists that are no longer listing online we have lost contact with and we are not sure what they are doing now.
Thanks so much.

Tina said...

I just found a few more places...