Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Painting on Etsy - Her and Her Cat

'Her and Her Cat' is my newest listing on Etsy.
It isn't as "dark" as I normally paint, but I wanted to experiment on a new support, cotton canvas sheets. I haven't really worked on flat canvas so I wanted to see how it ended up.
I'm pretty happy with the results.
If you are interested in this little gem, you can find her at,


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CMZ Art said...

I only speak English, so sorry. I am just not at all sure of what you have said to me.
Thank you though.

Tina (Elphabainwicked) said...

And here I thought you had another talent...


CMZ Art said...

Tina...You are so very special. Thanks for making me smile.

Tina said...


Life is not always easy and I have always had my ups and downs, it is when I am down and find someone or something to bring me up. I am finding it is easier to come up when viewing amazing art.

I am going through an incredibly difficult time with trying to sell my home and sell off twenty years worth of belongings. It is stressful in of itself, so I take my breaks and explore Etsy for artist like you. It's as close to a gallery, but almost better, there is so much more to see and find. I also like to read what inspired the artist to paint a piece. I will actually buy a piece just from what the inspiration was. I have a very excleptic taste in art. It can range from my mood, the amazing style, and above all the hard work and thought that went into it.

So since you make me smile I am glad I can return it.

I have always been known to always have a smile on my face no matter what the situation. I look at it this way, if you smile enough it will wear off on someone else or totally confuse them. Doesn't matter what I am feeling inside, because a smile goes a long way.

This blogging thing is also new to me. Interesting...


CMZ Art said...

Tina..You are so very special, if you are not already blogging, you need to. There aren't many people like you in this world, that I have found anyway, and you need to 'spread that around'. Knowing you only the short time that I have, I have a feeling you would have an exceptional and widely read blog!
If you have one, you need to send me a link so that I can read it:)
Thank you for being such a lovely person!!!

tina said...

You will be the first to get the link...promise!!!