Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Sold My Last Painting on Ebay

I sold my last painting on eBay, today. It is the last I will list with X Street Gallery. I believe it is the 'end' for all of the X St artists.

Once a viable income producer for self representing artists, eBay is no longer as friendly to the non Gold/ or Platinum PowerSelling artists as they used to be.

They have opted to restructure 'everything' as far as I can tell...and it is no longer as easy to find things as it used to be...especially original art. Even 'featuring' everything has done no good at all, just throwing good money after bad.

Well, I am getting a lot more views on my Etsy listings than I have been getting on eBay the last few weeks. Hopefully similar sales will follow.

I'm done with eBay though, unless they do some major fixes real soon...and I'm not holding my breath.

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