Monday, November 5, 2007

It saddens me...

It saddens me to have to leave the X Street Gallery...and eBay. Unfortunately, I could not make a living on either.
I live to paint....I really do...I can't imagine myself doing anything else. But, I also 'paint to live'...and one has to pay their bills.
I have had to put a full time career in art 'on hold' for a good number of I had mouths to feed and there really wasn't a good venue for my art until...eBay. I've had three mostly good years on eBay...until now.
After eBay started doing their different tests...the major art sellers started being able to revise constantly, in order to keep their paintings always out on the first page (and burying the majority of artists who were unable to use that 'glitch' to their advantage) and just seeing the number of visits drop so was as though our items had actually disappeared for most of the time they were scheduled to was just TOO MUCH for me. of the end of this will not find a C. Murray original listed on eBay.
To find out where you will be able to find my original art...RSS this blog.

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