Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Problems at eBay....

Wow...things are a little scary for eBay artists right now. I thought maybe it was just me..and my art.
I guess not.
I know they've been messing around with changes, glitches, and all sorts of 'unannounced' goings on...but, I thought I'd just try to "hang in there" and ride it out. Maybe not.

I decided to visit the artist's discussion boards and see if anyone else was seeing a major slow down in visits and in sales....I'm not the only one. There are a lot of artists on eBay right now who aren't sure how much longer they can hang on. Several of them have lost Power Seller status because their sales weren't enough to maintain PS status.

Others have had to quit featuring as many...and yet others did experiments...with Features and Non Features. Turned out..their non featured items had more hits than their featured items.

It is taking up to six or eight hours after listing for items to show up...and if you have to revise something...it 'disappears' for even more hours. Unfortunately, those hours aren't added on...they're just lost. So..you're paying for visibility that you are not receiving.

As for me........?????....we'll see.

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