Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My 'Steampunk' Project on Kickstarter

There was a reason I did a 'survey' on Steampunk Postcards, Greeting Cards and
I wanted to get some feedback before I decided whether or not to
launch my
'Steampunk Art Cards and Jewelry'

I decided to go ahead and 
'go for it'.

I need your help!

I currently make 'almost' enough to pay my bills
with my Etsy Shop so, there really isn't anything
left order to be able to add anything new for the upcoming
Holiday Season.

I frequently get questions concerning postcards, greeting cards and Steampunk jewelry
but the bottom line is...
these things all take enough of an initial investment
that I can't really afford to pay for printing and get all of the
materials and supplies needed to offer enough of a
variety to give my customers and collectors 
something to 'choose' from.

So...anything from $1.00 and up would be greatly appreciated and
a 'plus' for you is...
if the project is not funded...
you won't be charged a penny.

I'm not one to 'ask for help'....I'm really not...
I do believe in this project
the rewards offered for the pledges
are actually a pretty good deal for those who are interested.

And...if you're not interested...
that really is okay too!
But...maybe you could help me out by
recommending the project to someone you think would
be interested in what I am offering.

Thank you so much for considering this project
and for any help
you might be able to offer:)

This is just a sample of what types of Steampunk pendants I would like to
in my Etsy Shop this fall.

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