Saturday, September 8, 2012

About the Rewards for My Steampunk Art Kickstarter Project

I am more than 25% of the way to
my Goal of $1,000 
on  my 

And...I still have 10 days left to reach that goal!

I'm really excited that I decided to do this project.
Even though it 'seems' like I am asking for money...
I'm really not!

Well..I am...but I'm not.
with the 'rewards' backers will get 'something' for
their pledges...but only if the project is successfully funded.
For a $1.00 get a 'thank you' and Shout Out
on my Facebook page.

But...with all the other amounts...
my backers will actually get rewards worth More than the pledge amount...
and Free Shipping to US backers.

Here's the breakdown...

Pledge -
$1.00 = My thank you on my Rustic Goth Facebook page.

$5.00 = One Steampunk Bookmark..One Steampunk Postcard and 
a 'Thank You' on my Facebook page. = (Value = $5.50)

$10.00 = One Steampunk Bookmark...Three Steampunk Postcards and 
a 'Thank You' on my
Facebook page = (Value = $11.50)

$20.00 = One Steampunk Bookmark ...Six Steampunk Postcards or 
Four Steampunk Greeting Cards..
and a Thank You on my Facebook page. 
(Value = $20.50/Postcards or $22.50 for the Greeting Cards.)

$40.00 = One Steampunk Bookmark ...
Four Steampunk Greeting Cards...
Four Steampunk Greeting Cards and 
a Thank You on my Facebook page. (Value = $40.50.)

$50.00 = One piece of Steampunk Art Jewelry 
and a Thank you on my Facebook page.
(Value up to $75.00 ...Backer's Choice.)

$100.00 = Twelve Steampunk Art Postcards...
Ten Greeting Cards..
One Piece of Steampunk Jewelry...
One Bookmark 
and a Thank You on my Facebook page 
and on my Website.
(Value...From $113.50 to $163.50 ... Backer's Choice.)

$250.00 = Twelve Postcards...
Ten Greeting Cards..One Bookmark...
TWO pieces of Steampunk Art Jewelry...
YOU as my newest Steampunk Art Character + 8"x10" Signed Steampunk Art Print 
with You as the Character.
(Value = From $258.00 to $318.00)

The biggest reason I decided to go with Kickstarter was the Rewards.
So I look at this as more of a
"Pre-Order" project.
I really do believe my project will succeed and those orders will
start being fulfilled mid to late October...
there is a delay on receiving the money and I'll have to wait
until I get that to be able to start ordering everything I will need...
thus the reason I only ran this project for 14 days...add another
10 days or so before funding is distributed .


Moon Art Design said...

That's awesome good luck! I've thought about doing a kickstarter, but I never have the time!!!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Thank you Michael...I've only got a little over a day left...but I'm three fourths of the way I'm hopeful!!