Saturday, September 19, 2009

Special "requests"..

There is a good reason I don't take too many
"special requests"...
for one thing..
I become a real b**** until the 'request' is finally
for another...
I will NEVER EVER get the 'request' to the point
that I am 100% completely happy with it... save myself a little stress...
I usually don't take on these 'requests'.

I'm not sure why in the world
I agreed..
not only to take on a "special request"
but to take on one that is
24" x 48"...
that's another thing I NEVER do...
work on canvas that is almost as tall as me!

But...I agreed...and I am
almost done with it!

Of course...I could keep the painting forever
and never be completely satisfied with it...
that's my nature...
but, I have determined that TODAY is the
I will be finished with
"Sweeney and Jack".

I photoshopped my 'idea' before I started painting...
see the pic above...
now with a few 'tweaks'
I am ready to edge and varnish
and get it in the mail.

Then...I have another piece...
just an 11 x 14...
(which will seem like nothing
compared to the 24 x 48)
and I'll have all my
"special requests"
completed and out of here.

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1 comment:

Demon Doll Maker said...

Wow, that would be awesome to see. Sometimes you need to take a challenge to appreciate your originals more lol. Least it is a different pace sometimes a good thing sometimes not. But i know what you mean originals are so much more better.