Friday, August 28, 2009

While we're at the Fair...

The State Fair show starts today...
we've got a lot of set up still to do.

I can tell I haven't done an art/craft show in
several years...
and this is the first one I've tried
without my husband.
(He was the one who took care of the
set up...pricing...and interacting with our collectors!)

But...I'm sure it will all 'come back' to me.

While we're at the State Fair...
we will be offering the same originals that
we have in our Etsy shops
(we ran out of time to do Fair originals.)

Just a reminder that
we do have limited access to the internet...
so we won't be 'pulling' anything
out of the Etsy Shops unless they sell at the Fair.

We've done a number of
'brand new' items for the Fair to see how they go.
We are hoping to have a lot of
'brand new' to our Etsy shops items
in coming weeks.
This is very exciting....really!

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