Monday, August 31, 2009

3 Days Down ---- 8 More to Go!

I haven't done an arts/craft show
in 5 years....
and it 'shows'.

I am sooooo tired every night...
and doing the 'time check'
every 15 minutes
the last couple of hours.
(Traffic is very minimal in the evenings...and 9 pm
tends to feel more like midnight!)

But...we've had a pretty good show so far!

I'm told that the week-days
are realllly LONG...even though the Fair
always goes for 11 days...
kids are back in school,
parents are back at work...
and traffic really slows down. keeping vampire hours...
having to get up
at the time that I'm usually
just heading for bed...
I'm so very tired!

But...I'm still glad we decided to do the Fair!
Call me...crazy!!
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