Saturday, August 29, 2009

My birthday came and went...

The first day of our show
at the Fair was also my birthday.
While it is usually
not a 'big deal' to me...
my kids do try to make it special...

I got calls from all of my kids...
so it didn't go completely without notice. something, extra special for me..
I was one of the
"top 10 Friday"
on my birthday!!
Thanks Rossana!

All in all...the first day didn't draw
too much of a crowd...
we still had so much setting up to do
that I am thoroughly 'beat' and quite ready for bed.
(They had already blocked off the road to the venue...
and we had to walk more than a mile...
carrying folding chairs...tables...
and the usual 'stuff' one needs on hand
during a show.)
So...I'm not as tired from the the 'trek' from
the van to the venue!

I'm not going to carry much more than myself
to 'day 2.'

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