Friday, June 26, 2009

Shop Update...


I have been working hard
creating and 're-creating' new pieces
for my Rustic Goth Etsy Shop.

I decided to put the shop
during the week that I knew my cable
would be intermittent.
(I think it isn't working any better now
than it was before...)

At that time, I was just going to
relist everything that was already in the shop
once my internet problems were corrected.
But...once I was 'removed' from the
daily operation of running the occurred to me
that I really need to make some changes.
So....I have!
A few of the old pieces will be
returned to the shop...
but quite a few pieces will no longer be
available in my Etsy Shop.

I wanted to have everything ready by July 1st...
we received an 'invite' to go out of state..
to visit extended family during the week-end of the 4th.

Since I will actually be
On Vacation
I'm not sure if I will open my shop on the 1st...
(UPDATE -- I did re-open my Shop on the 2nd...)
or wait until I get back.
Or...knowing myself as I do...
I could just decide..
"what the heck...just reopen the shop
and fill it as I get pieces completed"... just 'never know' with me..
I guess I'd better decide soon!

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