Monday, June 22, 2009

Doing some Google searching...

even though I've got so much
I NEED to be doing...
I just like to spend a few minutes
"Googling" myself. this case...
Rustic Goth.

I think it important to find out
where I'm 'at'...just to be sure there's nothing
going on with my art.

I suppose it stems from seeing so many of the
'rip-off' artists that have been
stealing the work of artists that I am familiar with...
having listed beside them on eBay.
In many cases, these artists actually 'rip-off' the
photos the artists listed...right off Etsy...complete with the
eBay watermark in the corner.

Just last 'scammer' from Beijing listed a piece
I immediately identified as a
Michael Angel original.
It was actually the picture he had put in his
eBay listing.

They came on Etsy...opened a shop...filled it with items
they had totally ripped off of legitimate artists...
managed to sell an item or two
they were booted off.

Normally these scammers are 'caught'
and kicked-off...
often they have sold an item or so
before that happens though.

I don't know if the buyers are actually receiving anything
or not...
anyway...I just like to check for these kinds of
though I'm not sure how 'Googling' myself will help.

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