Friday, June 12, 2009

My 'availability'

I wanted to post a quick note
to say..
'chances are pretty good
that my 'availability' will be sporadic
through the week-end
and into next week.

My internet connectivity has been
'frustrating' at best.
Between lengthy phone calls
with Tech Support
and home visits
(which I do not like...they always
schedule a four hour time slot...and NEVER show
up until four hours PLUS have passed).

So..when the cable guy came out
this past week...he tests all the lines..the cable modem..

He finally goes outside...tests all the lines and wires out there...
apparently tree limbs and branches have become all
entangled with the wires...
and there's something also wrong with whatever it is
that is sitting out on a pole out back... the meantime...I have very sporadic service...
and they still haven't come out
to work on the problem out back.

So...I'm taking an 'internet vacation'...

I cannot tell you how frustrating these past few weeks
have been!
(my service has never been what I pay for) mean to tell me I'm paying THAT much for THIS service...
doesn't really 'move' anyone at the cable office..

so..for my own 'peace of mind'...
I'm going to quit 'fighting my internet' until it is
finally repaired and will stay on longer
than 20 minutes at a time!

I will respond to any convos...emails...etc..
as and 'if' I can...
if not..I'll get back to you sometime after the 18th!

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