Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Art Cards Wanted

I have items in sooo many places that have
been rather 'neglected'
as I have paid a bit too much attention
to my Etsy shops.

Having taken this vacation time...
to redo the Rustic Goth shop...
has also given me a bit more time to concentrate
on several of the other sites that
needed 'tending to'.

One of those sites is
Art Cards Wanted

I've taken this time to offer Limited Edition
ACEOs of several of my most popular prints
that have never been offered in this size.

Go ahead and check it out
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1 comment:

Greenpixey said...

I've just recently stumbled across your blog. I love the "Wishing Doesn't Make It So" and the "Give It Back" pictures you've painted. I had a look at ArtCardsWanted contemplating whether to buy them or not. I find though that the size you offer 2.5"x3.5" wouldn't make them justice. Any chance that you can print them larger and if so would consider selling them?