Friday, January 30, 2009

Our dark art website.

I have had a website, that I've shared with
a couple of my children, for over four
years and in that time,
we have never really been happy with
the site or it's design.
I know there are many hosting sites that have
'easy to use' templates...and make it look sooo easy
to set up a professional looking site in just 'minutes'.
Oh...I don't think so.
On these sites, I am always unhappy with
the template choices...or userability...or something.
The same with the site I'm using.
So...I decided, if I'm going to continue to pay $14.00 a month
for a site...
I'm going to use it!
It's taken me 3 days --- I'm not kidding ---3 days
to get 3 pages redone.
(I kept having problems and having to start from scratch.)
But, I'm much happier with these pages than
I was with the originals.
Now that I've got these three pages
completed and operational,
I'll work on one or two pages every week...
until the site is completely done
and fully functional.

1 comment:

judypatooote said...

HI Charlotte, I like the look of the new fits in very well with your paintings....dark......LOL....well I'm going to check out your paintings now, for I haven't been by in a while....take care, and keep up the good work....judy