Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Migrating from CMZ Art.

For those who have followed both of my Etsy Shops, you will see, some pieces migrating from my CMZ Art Etsy Shop into my Rustic Goth Etsy Shop...even though, they don't really 'fit the shop theme'.

Problem is...I LOVE these pieces and just can't bear to 'let them go' while I search for a new home for them.

Since my Rustic Goth shop is almost entirely, character based, I needed to find a home for a few of my CMZ Art character pieces, at least temporarily.

'Sophie and the Baby Seal' and 'Maybelline's Ferret' have already been moved and I'll be moving a few more, at some point this week.

While they are 'visiting' Rustic Goth, I plan to continue to search for more permanent homes for these 'orphaned' pieces.
In the meantime, for anyone who wondered what might have happened, to these sweet little pieces, you can find them at Rustic Goth.

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