Thursday, January 15, 2009

Art and the Economy

“Hundreds of years from now we will not remember our corporations of today or even prominent politicians.” says, MIT Prof. Nicholas Negroponte’s point during his keynote at RISD.

Instead we will be remembered for the great art that our society will leave for future generations. It follows that great art is a great loooooooong-term investment. So if you’re going to invest, think about investing in art. (Please reference an article about 'Art and the Economy' written by John Maeda .)

I didn't say any of the above but, I did give the author credit and include a link to the article he wrote in reference to 'art and the economy'.

Normally I am not so 'serious minded' but, today I had to make a decision...'which shop stayed open and which shop closed.' Wow..that was tough...I have a strong affection and, what I considered, a valid reason for both!

Economically though...well you can't pay the bills...if you don't make the sales! Recently, I haven't been able to do either....I guess we're called 'starving artists' for a reason.

Anyway...after much agonizing I decided...I would keep my Rustic Goth Etsy Shop open and close my CMZ Art Shop! I had already decided to close the 'Pendants Plus' shop...just because it was becoming 'impossible' to keep up with three shops.

I am cautiously optimistic though. We'll just have to see how things turn out!

The painting I showed in this post is one I painted in 2007 titled, "Mystic Blessings"....I thought it somehow appropriate!

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