Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week-End Shop SALES and eBay

My house is very small...probably the smallest house I've ever lived in.
It has a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room
and two bedrooms.
No basement to speak least not one that I would dare to go into.

I work sometimes in my chair in the living room...but most of the time
in the dining room.

I have one closet between two bedrooms...and share with my son who lives
in the second bedroom.

Most of the time...the size of my house is 'sufficient'....
and we manage okay.

But...trying to find enough room to store some 40+ paintings
in a house this size is a real challenge.

So.....I'm having a week-end painting SALE in my Etsy Shop...
a store wide SALE in my ArtFire Shop...
some very low starting bids on some small
framed paintings

Hopefully this will help me move enough of the
current paintings that are looking for good homes...
to be able to paint some new pieces...
fingers crossed:)

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David Hecker said...

You present your house with the attractive poem. It's look like nice place for live. You are plenty craft women.