Friday, March 22, 2013

People just aren't finding me anymore.

 My top search term today on Etsy is...
Rustic Goth Etsy.

What that tells me is...
people aren't able to find me anymore, just by browsing art,
like they used to be able to.
Not sure what to do about that...
Etsy Search Ads are a waste of money...
it doesn't help to renew anymore...
I am promoting everywhere I know...that doesn't cost a bunch of money...
and I viewed my Twitter results...just over 1% of my Etsy visitors in the last year
came from Twitter...
over 50% from Facebook.
12% from Pinterest 
(and I don't think I've even been there all year)

11% from this Blog

and the rest from places like:

I suppose I need to promote a bit more on some of the other Social sites...
as soon as I have some 'free time'.

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