Monday, December 17, 2012

Prices lowered for some International Packages

As of December 17th...I am no longer
charging International Priority shipping rates on
standard sized or large limited edition prints.

I am now offering First Class prices, which are significantly
lower in price...
the shipping times on First class packages is usually
longer in duration...
just an FYI.

I will also offer First Class shipping on my smaller paintings...
the times are longer
so Priority shipping is an option for anyone
wanting to expedite shipping.

Originally my thoughts about charging priority shipping prices
was that I would be able to 'track' the packages through
to delivery...
such is not the case...
tracking updates cease once the package departs
the final US Sort Facility.

Also...I don't have a I couldn't make regular trips
to the Post Office to mail my International packages.
To solve this problem...
I will 'catch a ride' to the post office
once a week...
so the 'turn around' time on International packages will
be a couple days longer than the US packages.

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