Sunday, December 2, 2012

In the Coming Year

I've been thinking A LOT about what to do with my life
and my shops
in 2013.

As of December 10th,
will go back to the Basic Shop
of only 50 items.
I really like the site, but unfortunately...
it does have some issues when buyers check out
that require me 'doing the math' and issuing
refunds for overpayments...usually on
They have announced improvements
and upgrades to their site,
but it hasn't happened yet so,
I decided to wait until they do to go back to premium.
I will not list any duplicates on the site though...
it will only be pieces I've 'retired' from my Etsy Shop
and some pieces 'exclusive' to the Zibbet Shop.
It is also the only places I will offer my
Steampunk Art Calendar and my
Creeper Calendar.
I have opened a new shop on Etsy...
it is art for kids rooms...
and is called
similar to my
Artfire Shop
I actually had this shop 'in progress' when
all the weirdness went down on Etsy...
I decided to wait to see what was going on before opening it...
and now that it appears to have straightened itself out...
I went ahead with it.

Why similar shops?
Well...basically because of what happened on
Etsy in October.
I don't plan to get 
"caught with my pants down"

Selling my art online is how I pay my bills...
and the unexplained closing (even for only 4 days) of my
Etsy Shop...
which I might add...
has never been this day...
I'm sure it was a 'glitch' as it coincided with the
'upgrade' to the entire site...
I still think it would only have been courteous
to respond to my emails
to say...
'whoops...our bad'
or something of the such.

I didn't much like just having my emails ignored
with no idea of what was going on or
what happened...and it's left me a bit 'gun shy'. a nutshell...I will be doing more
'happy' art...for the two newest shops...
fewer 'Creepers'.
Since I'm no 'spring chicken'
I also plan to concentrate on smaller paintings...
4" x 6" to 12" x 16" and 'in between' sizes.
I'll do an occasional 16x20
but not many.

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