Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting it all sorted out.

Apparently a job is not in my future...I don't know how many
applications I filled out online...since that is apparently how things
are 'done' now...
and I've only had 1 response...and that was a 'no'.

I have so many ideas 'floating around in my head' that I want
to commit to paintings (either digital or acrylic)
in the coming months...
perhaps I just need to get better at marketing.

I've got approximately 250+ pieces listed...between all of my shops...
but still making very few sales.
I know that I have relied so much on site driven traffic...
and that has pretty much gone away...
now I just need to figure out what I need to do
to drive my own traffic.

And...I'm working on it.

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Moon Art Design said...

It's not easy, keep at it! I am at wits end too. At the brink of taking a break and pursue other interests and create when I have the moment and when I feel inspired.
It's a lot of work and lots of time/money goes into the business side of things.