Friday, November 9, 2012

Art Business Update II

With the changes on shops on Artfire and Zibbet...
it has become apparent that I am now left to
drive Most...if not ALL...traffic to my sites.

The biggest problem with this is...
How to do it...
without seeming spammy or repeating
myself over and over on the
social media sites I currently do most of
my marketing through?
I check my meager stats on Etsy and found that I had
one search term 'whimsical landscape' that
had come in through Google the day
after the election...
try as I might...
I tried that search term in Google
and never did find any of my art.
I've recently joined
and added new 'boards' on
and really need to update my
as these are all sites that
have posting buttons in one or more of my shops.

I'm not a stranger to social media or marketing
my own art...I just think that I'm not very good at it.
So...rather than work on new creations...
as I have a lot of new pieces that are getting much 'love'
at this time...
I've decided to learn much more than I know now
about social media and marketing.

So...while the job search still continues....
I will also be learning more about
how to increase my online presence and hopefully
grow my business to even more than
it was
when Etsy pulled the rug.

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