Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking Back at 2011

In January I listed my Zodiac Girls Collection...
I had so much fun creating each piece...
and tried to stay true to the elements
and traits that go with each sign.

March 8th I got Skittles...
she has been such a Blessing in my life...
I don't know what I would ever do without her.

March 15th is the only time any of my art
has been included in Etsy Finds...
which is a pretty 'big deal' for
anyone who has a shop on Etsy.
They included my 'Ides of March' print
for their 
'Ides of March' issue.

I became a Zazzle Pro Seller..
and a couple of my Zazzle items
won some awards...
including my Twilight Shoes.

My 10th Grandbaby...
Oliver Aurealius 
was born September 12th...
Jaime and I watched him the month of November
and I can tell you...
in the few weeks since we last watched him
on a regular basis
he's grown like a weed and doing so many
new things!

Alice in Wonderland - Encore
I LOVE this painting...but it took so long for me to paint
that I decided that I would do fewer 'character' paintings
in the new year.
I'll do more paintings...but these will be more along the lines
of abstract landscapes..
some tree art..
bird art
and the such.

I moved...
and I'm still adjusting to living
in a home one third the size of the house I'd lived in for
the last five years.'s all good. I'll eventually get it all figured out:)

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