Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Original Art of Patrick E Zatloukal

Today is my late husband's birthday.
Usually...on his birthday
and often, on the anniversary of his passing,
I upload a video of him.
'Behind a Picket Fence'
This year I decided to show a few of the paintings
that he painted (and sold) in the year before
he was diagnosed with cancer.

 "Harvest Moon"

"Contemplating Nature"

"Sundown Silhouette"

"Life in Red, White and Blue"

"Ebony and Ivory"

"Tranquil is the Night"

"In Memory of Trees"

"An Age of Wisdom"

"Bring Me To Life"

All of the paintings shown here were sold on eBay in were a number of other pieces not shown.

He was diagnosed in May and continued to paint until
that fall.  
After his surgery, (which took place at the same time Katrina was making landfall)
he painted very little, so these pieces are very precious indeed.

'Eye of the Dragon'

One of his last pieces, sold in early 2006, to someone at MTV...
he was very 'stoked' about that.

To see more of his art, you can go here...

I had other things on my mind at the time...and many of the paintings
that sold didn't get marked as such...
luckily though, I do have a few of his paintings that hang in my home.
We really had so much fun...painting together.

I'm so happy to share a little of his art with you all:)

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