Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I've been 'up' to...

I've been able to change up a few things
since I now have my own printer:)
As you know...I've got bookmarks back in the shop....
now I've been able to bring mini prints back.
(Jaime was having problems getting the mini-prints to print
right...I tried a few before I listed them...and they appear
to be coming out just fine on my printer.)

 I've got about 14 paintings on Clearance Sale at 50% off.
The sale on these pieces ends Sunday
and any paintings that haven't sold will be removed
(I have very limited space for finished paintings...and
I've reached that limit.)
I'm getting very restless to do some new paintings
and the only way I can do
to make room.
So...those pieces can be found in my Clearance Sale Section
in my Etsy Shop.

to least...
my little Skittles is in 'heat'.
I am having all kinds of fits about this.
I thought I had a little more time before getting
her spayed.
It looks like I'm in for three weeks of  'hell'.
She's been getting me up very early in the
morning wanting to go outside...and she really
will not leave me alone until I get up.
I need to figure out how I can keep her inside
for the next few weeks... is just too soon for this!!

On a brighter note...
Patrick had his first play of the new season on Sunday night...
he's been working on it all summer...
it was so funny..
I really needed a laugh:)

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