Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Communing" With Nature

Since my move...and probably needing to take Skittles out so often to go potty...
I've 'experienced' a lot more of nature than I've done in years.
Sitting on the front step, a couple weeks ago, I looked over
and noticed a spider weaving it's web on the outside
of my front porch.
I watched it...quite fascinated at it's speed and precision as it
did what nature meant for it to do.
And...I left it alone.
As long as things don't 'bother' me...I don't bother them.
And..this was located in a place that I wasn't 'bothered'.

Then...a few days ago...I was standing outside my front porch
and a gorgeous dragonfly...with black wings..
landed on a bloom just inches from where I stood.
She seemed non-vexed by me...and I appreciated
being able to 'study' it at such close proximity.

But, when a bat came flying through my dining room at 2:30 this morning...
just as I was fixing to head through to go get my pajamas on...
I was OVER my 'commune with nature'.
It flew through my dining room....I flew into my bedroom..
with Skittles close behind...
and then realized I'd left my phone in the living room beside my chair.
So I 'braved' the LONG journey to my chair...grabbed the phone
and called 911.
"I don't know if you consider this an emergency..."
I responded to the question 'What is your emergency'...
"but, there is a bat in my house."

They sent animal control...who weren't as prompt as I hoped they would be...
or maybe it just 'seemed' like a long time...
they couldn't find it anywhere.

Jaime and I and the grandbabies checked the house the whole time they were here..
John, my son-in-law, came by to see if he could find it...

So...I'm sitting here, nervously looking around every few minutes...
wondering where in the devil that bat is at...
and how I'm going to get it out of my house!

1 comment:

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Well, I've done a lot of caving here in KY and I doubt the little guy will bother you even if he couldn't find his way out. We love bats around here, but I have to admit, I wouldn't want it hanging in my bedroom! I'm hope he found a way out!