Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blog Features

I was fortunate enough to have two very sweet people
blog about me and my Rustic Goth Shop
this week.

The latest blog was written by the lovely Carrie, at
It is an interview based post and she is giving
one of my prints to the winner.
It really is a nice if you have a free minute
or two...please check it out and let her know what you think.

The other post was written by the enchanting Raven
The post is very charming and entertaining.
I am very flattered at all the nice things she said
about me and my art.
I hope you find an extra minute or two to give this
post a quick read and leave a comment...
she is such a lovely little gal.

I am so very honored that anyone finds me interesting
enough to want to write about me and my art..
and I am hoping that all of my wonderful readers
might find me curious enough to want to read more:)

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