Monday, May 16, 2011

Nothing Much New

I don't have a lot of 'news'....but I wanted to share the cool
frames one of my collectors did to frame a few of my
Steampunk Girl prints.

She painted the frames with a black enamel and then
glued some little watch cogs and wheels to the corners....
so very cool!!

I'm working on getting some Zodiac Girl pendants made for
my shop....but I ran out of supplies,
so I've got to order more.
I want to wait until they are all ready to list before listing any of them.

Starting May schedule is going to change for the next few
Jaime and I are watching the youngest grandbabies again this summer.
They're not really babies anymore...
Ava's going to be six in June and Simon was seven in October...
wow...they are growing fast.

Still they 'bore' easily and tend to wear me out quickly...
so I'm sure they'll keep us 'hopping'.
I feel bad because this is really going to cut into Jaime's work schedule, 
but the constant 'needs' of two little children, I do need her help...

We were so hoping to be all caught up and maybe even little ahead of the game,
before needing to get up with the chickens...
it just didn't happen!
Ah...such is life!

Hopefully this week 
we'll at least be able to get caught up a bit more
than we are currently.
Course...I've got my sisters coming for a week this Wednesday...
wonder how that's going to work out??

1 comment:

The Words Crafter said...

I am constantly amazed at all the things you manage to fit into your life. I believe you have some sort of gadget that expands time!

Have fun with the grands this summer. Yeah, I imagine they're gonna keep you on your toes. Skittles will help with that some, maybe.

Those frames are cool, btw. Great idea she had :)