Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thinking Christmas....

I'm thinking Christmas...purposefully so!
Jaime and I were talking a while back...she's my one child
who is ALWAYS soooo excited about Christmas way before any of the others.
This year...she got off to a bit of a shaky start.
I think it comes with having an online business that requires so
much work during the Holiday Season.
Even when one is completely caught up on shipping,
packages tend to get 'lost' somewhere in the deep Abyss of the USPS.
She had one International package that was returned twice...
(the buyer did not pick up the package either time)...
for some reason she had to pay $24.00 Customs Fee on it the last time
it was returned...
and still the buyer wanted it re-shipped (on Jaime)...
all this in the middle of the normally hectic Christmas Season work.

She also discovered...by a very compassionate postal worker...that her
post office was holding a batch of International packages
because she hadn't put the words...'from'  and 'to'  on them.
This after they had accepted them and received postage fees.
That's still being investigated.

So...you see...with all this 'drama'  it becomes very necessary
to make myself  'think' Christmas. 
I have to find that 'spirit' that lights the joy within...
so that I don't risk turning into some kind of 


Dyche Designs said...

The postal system can be a challenge at the best of times. Hope all the shipping problems get resolved and you all get to enjoy a magical christmas. I received my tree prints by the way and they're beautiful.

BlacknickSculpture said...

Sorry to hear of the shipping problems. The postal worker that held up the international mail because of " To" and " From " should be flogged :(

Kelly Jeanette said...

Shesh, postal workers! I hope you find out what was up there and resolve it for future.
Do have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Near Year.