Friday, February 5, 2010

My calendars are FINALLY being delivered.

My apologies to all who
had to wait a month into the year
for their calendars.

Forever we have taken packages to
the post office in the back seat
or trunk of our cars.
And none have ever gotten
lost in those small
sufficient little vehicles. of us has a
very roomy van with more seats
than they really need
and plenty of room for all packages
large and small.

Well...some of the smaller packages
found their way up under the very
back seat and were
temporarily lost.
(One of the packages that disappeared
was a painting that needed to
go to England.)

We've decided...ALL small packages now
must go into a larger bag
before they can ride in the new van.


Becky Z. said...

Ah! So it MUST be right!! Bigger is NOT always better... :)

jb said...

Just had to drop you a note to say that your work is freakin' fantastic. Really great stuff!! I wish I had your talent. :) Peace, JB