Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost files...what a bummer!

Last fall I made up some background
images to sell as digital downloads
to folks who were wanting just the backgrounds
for use in collages,
pendants...that sort of thing.

Well..mostly I had decided to offer them in my
Rustic Goth Artfire Shop
but to have a limited run in my
Etsy Shop.

Well...losing my computer last week
was a real bummer for me
but, I thought I had gotten everything that I
had listed
put on my little zipdrive...
I hadn't. sell an ACEO tree background
digital download...
and I put in my little zipdrive
so I could get it promptly sent out...
they are not on my zipdrive.

I lost my calendars..
all of my digital downloads..
my works in progress..
my digital resources
ALL of the digital brushes I had created
and used all the time.


I did get everything else that
I have listed though...
so that was something.

So..I spent all afternoon and evening
working on 'similar' tree backgrounds
to send in place of the originals that were lost.
They're close..but not exact.


Becky said...

AAA!!! Surely SOMEBODY will have a good sale on laptops and SOON! You MUST get a new computer ~ all your computer problems are stressing ME out and I just read your blog! :)

Demon Doll Maker said...

Oh wow that is a bummer, that truly does suck I am so sorry to hear that :(