Thursday, July 23, 2009

New paintings in the Shop....

"The Necromantic"
is the newest painting in my
Rustic Goth Etsy Shop.

Jaime and I found some little pine wood plaques
on our outing to Hobby Lobby...
so I decided to do this little 'goth' painting
on one of those plaques.
(It really is much easier to paint on canvas.) photos of this piece are 'wretched'...
maybe I need to sit down with the camera
manual and see if I can get some tips
on how to take decent pictures with this particular camera.

For one thing...the pictures are "HUGE" when I upload the photos pick up 'imperfections' that
are not noticeable to the 'naked eye'.
And...let me not get started on 'true colors'...

I'm thinking about 'photoshopping' this piece
and also offering it as a print...
I'll be able to smooth out the imperfections the camera picked up.

"Pumpkin Patch"
is a little 'Goth' ACEO I painted
as I begin to
"think Fall". is so much better in person...
my photographing abilities being
as lacking as they are.

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