Friday, July 17, 2009

Having some fun...

Oh my gosh....
I have become boring.

True...I may not always be
"the life of the party"...
"I'M even BORED with me"

I tell my kids and grandkids that
"if I were them...I wouldn't want to come to my house"
It's just too BORING!

For thirty five husband and I
(and how ever many kids we had at the time)
lived a bit of a 'gypsy' life style.
My husband worked for restaurant chains that
frequently transferred him from one state to another...
so we've lived in
California, Nevada, Washington,
Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and

We often left a lot of the boxes we wouldn't
have as much to pack for the next move.
It was really a lot of fun...
though some of my children wished
we would have put down roots
But...then I remind them of which family
members wouldn't 'be here' if we'd have done that...
and all is 'forgiven'.

Anyway...getting a little taste of having fun...
with our 4th of July trip...
I'm determined to 'have more fun'.

So...we went to the Harry Potter movie
(more on that later)
and I want to go to some estate auctions this week-end.
You can really get some major treasures for almost nothing...
I haven't been for several years...
so I'm looking forward to attending an auction
this week-end.

I could turn some of those 'treasures' into real gems
with a little creativity and imagination.

I'll let you know how that turns out!


Greenpixey said...
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Jo said...

I can't imagine that a person who creates the amazing art you create could ever be boring. We're our own worst critics! ;)

I want you to know that I LOVE your work. I check out your blog and etsy shop on a regular basis. You are amazing!!