Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter Trivia

I didn't make it to the auction...I ended up having
too many errands to run..
and it was 'family Sunday'....
maybe in a week or two...
we'll see.

I did make it to
'Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince'

I enjoyed it very much...
there is a or two scene that were added...
not in the book...

I was a bit confused about that...
I expected 'cuts'...didn't really count on 'additions'..

but...all in all...it was worth the wait!

Also...wanted to
let you know that I am writing yet another
I got so 'into' this movie
that I decided I had to do a quick blog
that covers each of the books
and movies.

I've gotten through Book one
so far.
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