Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taking Stock

I'm glad I've taken some time off
of painting and creating
new pieces for my Etsy Shop.
It's given me time to take stock, evaluate
and re-evaluate
what I need to do in the
weeks and months ahead.
One of the things I've decided to do
is limit the 'Tragedies in Literature' series
to the three pieces I currently
have listed.
I will continue to offer the original digital prints
in the shop
and I am going to take
the images and introduce some new
this next week.
I'll preview that merchandise here
when it's ready.
In the meantime, my Rustic Goth Squidoo Lens
has almost reached the Top 100
in the Arts Category.
I am very proud of this lens...and I invite
you to pop on over and give it a look!

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