Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

This looks almost like

a duplicate of my

other blog...

and I have some pictures to

show you...

I just have to upload them


I just wanted to say

"Happy Halloween"

before it is completely past!

I got a few here they are...
Mike and Jaime
were invited to a
Costume Party!
Except for the 'Darth Vader' helmet
they made the rest of their
costumes themselves.
It took several hours to paint
all of the detail on Jaime's face, body and headpiece.
I think they look great!

Simon is munching down on
a lollipop...
just one of the many treats
he got in his
little 'Thomas The Train'
Halloween bucket!

Ava is checking out her stash of candy...looking cute as ever as a little 'pink kitty'.

Their mother made their costumes and did a fabulous job!

I had two of the other grandchildren come by

but, for some reason their pictures didn't come out!

Wendy did such a good job with their make up!

Just a fun day for all!

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Jaime said...

great blog, the kids costumes are really great!