Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's New....?

Had a wonderful night out! Since this doesn't happen too often it is a big deal to me!!
I'll preface this by saying, a year ago Christmas, one of my children bought 'Lion King' tickets...the musical...for several of us to go. I had never been to any kind of Broadway show --- granted it was the Orpheum Theatre in Omaha NE and not Broadway in New York---but wonderful none the less.
This year, another of my children bought 'Phantom of the Opera' tickets for Christmas...(they now know what to get me---I'm not a material person so I'm not that easy to buy for.)
Tonight was the play!!!!
It was great!!
Since, I seldom leave the house, I usually think I'd rather be doing almost anything else...and I'm always so very...very happy when we go! Tonight was no exception!!! Woo Hoo!!!
Seriously, the play was great...the music fabulous...and the company priceless!!!
So, now back to some 'business'.
I did want to share my new 'Squidoo' lens.
I've got more work to do to it, but it's coming along, so I thought I'd share...
here is the link....